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Motor Accident?

Does tiredness cause car accidents?

Driving when over tired is one of the biggest killers on our roads, especially on motorways or long stretches of highway. It is estimated that more than 300 people a year die on our roads due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Typically accidents involve driving off the road completely, driving into the back of stationary vehicles, or even drifting into the path of oncoming traffic.

Because these accidents often occur on motorways or long stretches of road, the speeds involved can often be high - causing at the very least, a severe whiplash injury for the driver and passengers of the vehicle in front.

Studies have shown that the greatest risk of falling asleep at the wheel occurs during the early hours of the morning and between 2 - 4pm in the afternoon. More than a third of accidents caused by tiredness are also related to work situations, such as commercial vehicles.

How to avoid accidents from tiredness

  • Plan long journeys to include at least a 15 minute break for every two hours of driving

  • Share the driving with someone else if you can

  • Get a good nights rest before starting your journey

  • Try to avoid driving in the early hours of the morning

  • If you start to feel tired, open a window and then pull off the road somewhere for a nap or a cup of coffee

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