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Motor Accident?

Getting a replacement vehicle after a car accident

There are many car insurance companies who offer you 'free' hire cars when you make an insurance claim, but is it really free?

If you make a claim on your insurance after an accident, what usually happens - you lose your no claims discount, and next year your insurance premium goes up. So maybe not quite so 'free' after all.

If you drive a 'prestige' vehicle and you are involved in a car accident, what kind of 'free' hire car do you think you will receive? Something similar or better maybe?

If we say we provide a like-for-like vehicle,
we mean a like-for-like vehicle ...or better.

Here at Car Call we pride ourselves on our service to our customers, but providing replacement vehicles following car accidents is just a small part of our service. If you have been involved in an accident, and it was not your fault, we will arrange for a quality replacement vehicle to be delivered to your door. We will arrange for your vehicle to be repaired by one of network of approved accident repair centres, and delivered back to you.

Also, in the event of an injury being sustained, such as whiplash for example, the solicitors we work with will ensure that you receive the best possible compensation settlement.

We and our partners claim our costs back from the at-fault drivers insurance company.

If you have had an accident that was not your fault, please call us now on 02392 484 244 for free help and advice from one of our experienced claims advisors.
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